Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Week 5

It's that time again.  Have started numbering them, so it's easier to keep count.

Load 34 - Married bear daddy.  with a PA this time.  He used me hard and made my hole orgasm on his pierced uncut cock.  We talked about inviting more tops over, and he seemed amenable.

Load 35 - The red headed construction worker gave me his third load of the week.  Hosted at my place, and damn if he didn't surprise me by making out, rimming my ass, and really being a great sweet lay.  His load felt great in me at work.

Load 36- The nervous married daddy came through the door.  He was as hot as his pics indicated.. rugged, balding, masculine.
"I never done this before.", he said.
I nodded sagely.. well I've heard that before.
I unzipped his fly and went down on his nice 8 inch cut cock.  He got hard and started fondling my ass.
"Got a rubber?" he said. 
Oh fuck, I'm screwed I thought.  I just politely said no, and offered him my ass anyway.  Greased up his pole, took a hit of poppers and slid slowly down him.  Bareback of course, as nature intended.
"Where should I cum?  I won't last long.." 
I silently took another hit of poppers and let my inner muscles go to work.  He groaned and flooded me with married fatherly cum.  He had all his clothes on, pants not even below his ass.  He quickly zipped up and left.

I was happy.  It was the start of a good day.

Load 37- He met me at his place in his towel and bathrobe.  Early 40's, short, tattooed, bald, shaved smooth, and right out of the  shower.  We got to business shortly - him sitting on the couch, toking his weed as I sucked his 7 inch uncut dick.  He tried to get me hard but he wasn't doing it for me.  Finally he got to the point where he was hard and ready.  Spit lubed, I impaled myself on him.  He continued to smoke and watch old cartoons on TV as he used me.  He bred me silently within minutes but kept using me until the show was over and his soft dick slipped out of me.

Load 38 - Business daddy came by for a pump and dump.  I didn't tell him about all the loads but I did tell him about the married one.  He held my hair and fucked me hard, suit still mostly on, as he bred the third load of the day into me.

Load 39 - I had a predictament.  About an hour after business daddy leaves, red headed construction worker wants to come over.   I'm a total dripping cunt at this point, and I don't want to scare him off being newly bi and all that.  I consult with a daddy off the internet, and take matters into my own hands.   I hungrily eat the collected load out of my hole, and revel in what an experience I've become.

I eat most, but not all of it out.  I leave a little in there, just to see what construction daddy thinks.  He arrives nonethewiser, and pummels my hole with vigor.  He doesn't eat me out this time, but that's good because his cock upon entry is covered in the juices of all the men before me.  (Apparently I didn't eat out as much as I thought.)   He fucks me even harder tho - wet sloppy flesh noises echo through the room - and grunts and cums hugely in me.

I jack off wildly when he leaves, fingering my four load hole.  There isn't much better for a bottom boy like me.

Load 40 - A skinny balding craiglist jock twink surprises me by actually showing up.  He's much cuter than his picks, and hot and hung.  Barebacks and breeds me without question, rims and takes some bad pics.   He's nice and I think, schedule permitting, he'll be a regular.

I make the mistake of letting my cumhole drive me, and go meet an old daddy without pics off bbrt.  He's, frankly, strangely disgusting, but wants me to take pics of him.  I do, but man, he can't even get it up.  I feed him the aging jock load from my hole and get out of there.  I do send him the pics, but feel upset at myself for being such a whore.

This day was a comedy of errors.
I met red headed daddy again, but he was pretty tapped out and couldn't get it out after a weekend of blowjobs and the like.  He felt pretty bad, and gave me a pretty awesome suck off, complete with swallowing my load.

I tried meeting a "49" year old daddy at his airport hotel, but damn if he wasn't more like 69.  I don't mind them mature - I grew up on grampa dick - but I kind of like truth in advertising.  Again, he couldn't get it hard, and though I rode him well and he forcefully skullfucked me on the floor, the throat load barely registered as real cum.

Lastly I met the tattoo'd short hot squat daddy.  It was a really nice time, but he too couldn't get it hard.  He didn't fail to disappoint me though - he got me rock solid and took my load up his hole.  He suprised me by urging me to felch it out.. and I did.  I immediately got hard again, and fucked a second much slower load into him.  He left gappy.

So yeah, I tried to bottom and ended up cumming with my dick three times.