Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Week 5

It's that time again.  Have started numbering them, so it's easier to keep count.

Load 34 - Married bear daddy.  with a PA this time.  He used me hard and made my hole orgasm on his pierced uncut cock.  We talked about inviting more tops over, and he seemed amenable.

Load 35 - The red headed construction worker gave me his third load of the week.  Hosted at my place, and damn if he didn't surprise me by making out, rimming my ass, and really being a great sweet lay.  His load felt great in me at work.

Load 36- The nervous married daddy came through the door.  He was as hot as his pics indicated.. rugged, balding, masculine.
"I never done this before.", he said.
I nodded sagely.. well I've heard that before.
I unzipped his fly and went down on his nice 8 inch cut cock.  He got hard and started fondling my ass.
"Got a rubber?" he said. 
Oh fuck, I'm screwed I thought.  I just politely said no, and offered him my ass anyway.  Greased up his pole, took a hit of poppers and slid slowly down him.  Bareback of course, as nature intended.
"Where should I cum?  I won't last long.." 
I silently took another hit of poppers and let my inner muscles go to work.  He groaned and flooded me with married fatherly cum.  He had all his clothes on, pants not even below his ass.  He quickly zipped up and left.

I was happy.  It was the start of a good day.

Load 37- He met me at his place in his towel and bathrobe.  Early 40's, short, tattooed, bald, shaved smooth, and right out of the  shower.  We got to business shortly - him sitting on the couch, toking his weed as I sucked his 7 inch uncut dick.  He tried to get me hard but he wasn't doing it for me.  Finally he got to the point where he was hard and ready.  Spit lubed, I impaled myself on him.  He continued to smoke and watch old cartoons on TV as he used me.  He bred me silently within minutes but kept using me until the show was over and his soft dick slipped out of me.

Load 38 - Business daddy came by for a pump and dump.  I didn't tell him about all the loads but I did tell him about the married one.  He held my hair and fucked me hard, suit still mostly on, as he bred the third load of the day into me.

Load 39 - I had a predictament.  About an hour after business daddy leaves, red headed construction worker wants to come over.   I'm a total dripping cunt at this point, and I don't want to scare him off being newly bi and all that.  I consult with a daddy off the internet, and take matters into my own hands.   I hungrily eat the collected load out of my hole, and revel in what an experience I've become.

I eat most, but not all of it out.  I leave a little in there, just to see what construction daddy thinks.  He arrives nonethewiser, and pummels my hole with vigor.  He doesn't eat me out this time, but that's good because his cock upon entry is covered in the juices of all the men before me.  (Apparently I didn't eat out as much as I thought.)   He fucks me even harder tho - wet sloppy flesh noises echo through the room - and grunts and cums hugely in me.

I jack off wildly when he leaves, fingering my four load hole.  There isn't much better for a bottom boy like me.

Load 40 - A skinny balding craiglist jock twink surprises me by actually showing up.  He's much cuter than his picks, and hot and hung.  Barebacks and breeds me without question, rims and takes some bad pics.   He's nice and I think, schedule permitting, he'll be a regular.

I make the mistake of letting my cumhole drive me, and go meet an old daddy without pics off bbrt.  He's, frankly, strangely disgusting, but wants me to take pics of him.  I do, but man, he can't even get it up.  I feed him the aging jock load from my hole and get out of there.  I do send him the pics, but feel upset at myself for being such a whore.

This day was a comedy of errors.
I met red headed daddy again, but he was pretty tapped out and couldn't get it out after a weekend of blowjobs and the like.  He felt pretty bad, and gave me a pretty awesome suck off, complete with swallowing my load.

I tried meeting a "49" year old daddy at his airport hotel, but damn if he wasn't more like 69.  I don't mind them mature - I grew up on grampa dick - but I kind of like truth in advertising.  Again, he couldn't get it hard, and though I rode him well and he forcefully skullfucked me on the floor, the throat load barely registered as real cum.

Lastly I met the tattoo'd short hot squat daddy.  It was a really nice time, but he too couldn't get it hard.  He didn't fail to disappoint me though - he got me rock solid and took my load up his hole.  He suprised me by urging me to felch it out.. and I did.  I immediately got hard again, and fucked a second much slower load into him.  He left gappy.

So yeah, I tried to bottom and ended up cumming with my dick three times. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Week 4.

Sometimes you just have a good week.

Technically this should have been put into last weeks log, but I forgot.
Right before heading off to work, a semi regular daddy hits me up off CL.  Within minutes, I'm at his place, doing the downward facing dog with his raw baby oiled dick up my ass.  He's tall and skinny, late 40s, with 9 inch uncut slim and narrow dick.  He's a little femme for my tastes, but when he tops he's masculine enough.  He fucks me loudly on the floor of his basement apartment - above us there's a coffee shop and we can hear customers come and go.  He practically shouts when he breeds my ass, and I'd be mortified if I hadn't lost all shame years ago.

I had a repeat session with the short and squat tattoo'd daddy from last week, who I've been becoming quite fond of.  He's 60, so it takes him a long time to cum, and I'm not used to long term fucking - I tend to like it short and sweet.  After he comes up my ass, he goes back down and starts felching his load out.  I get instantly hard, and start eating his ass out, and pretty soon I'm balls deep up his impeccably clean daddy hole.  I don't last long but he's very good at what he's does, and within minutes I breed my first hole of the year.

I thought I'd be satisfied by that.. but it was not to be.  An hour or so later I am dropping my pants in the backroom of an office.  Office backroom guy has bred me a few times before - he's nice and tall and has a decent sized cock, but I'm not super cool with the location.  He blows a huge load up my hole, and sends me home dripping.

On the way home I get hit up one of my regular daddies.  I tell him that I'm creamy and he's in a hurry to get on over.  He's a short married guy with a small dick and huge loads.  He does me the way he likes it - face down on the couch, poppers under my nose, just a hole to get off in.

With three loads up my ass my hole is swimming with seed, and I'm still want more.  The universe of course has a very bossy daddy bear call me, right when I've got to get back to work.  I make plans for him the next day.

Like the good boy I am, I go over and see The Bossy Artiste Bear.  He's 6'2, hairy, large, handsome, and has a decent 7 inch fat cock that loves to go in raw and breed deep.  The problem is that's he's.. well, demanding and more than a little crazy.  It's good to get on my knees and popper up and serve him, but the load is perfunctory at best.

I post on CL and this Married Bear who met me a few months ago drops me a line.  He's a good fuck, but like many married men, he suddenly disappeared.  I drive over to his place and he's all over me.  He's about my age but muscled and furry with a 7 inch uncut cock.  We have some glorious vanilla sex on his couch, kissing, rimming, lots of attention to my hole, and a deep hot load of glorious bear jizz inseminated into me.

I promise to become a regular of his.  He seems happy with the idea.

 I manage to snag a tag team from two daddies - my university lunch time daddy, on his way to the gym, and the face down daddy from early.  This time it's face up as we are all playing together.  Within minutes I'm made airtight- university is in my mouth and throat and facedown daddy is pounding away at me on the floor.  I beg for breeding and the face down daddy delivers one of his huge signature wads.  As he's getting dressed, university is mounting me and delivering a pent up load.

I'm deliriously happy, and more than a little cum high, so I sign onto bbrt, and who do I find but the short 'n squat tatooed daddy.  Minutes later he's over and felching and fucking my hole with wild abandon.  He cums very loudly up me, and then starts working on my nipples and dick.  I get hard and go down on him.. and smell and taste cum.  The daddy has been bred before he got here.  I get rock hard and slide into him.  The feeling of fresh jizz bathing my cock as I plow is too much, and I unload within minutes. 

(Am I becoming a top?)

I rest.

I receive a glorious load from a red headed construction worker daddy.  He's so much my type, I'll have to write about him seperately.   He breeds me in an abandoned house he's working on, which is a little strange but very hot.

Shortly afterwards, I let a young bear pig felch and fuck the construction dad's load out of me.  He inseminates me hard, and there is a puddle of mixed cum under my hole when he's done.  I lick it all off the floor and we snowball it between us.


Redheaded is in love with my hole, and schedules a repeat.  This time is even better than the first.

Immediately after finishing him off, the slim uncut femme daddy top wants my hole.  I drive right over and give it to him.  It's not the first time he's had sloppy seconds (or thirds) on my hole, but I've never brought it up explicitly.  He loves it and cums deep and hard, poppered up beyond belief, grunting and crying in his basement apartment.

Load count -That's 13 more loads, which is, well, better than I thought.  Brings me up to 33 for this year, which is a little more than a load a day.

Week 5 is going really well so far, and I hope to be able to continue like this for the foreseeable future.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Week 3

It continues.  A somewhat slow week for me.

Wednesday - Well, this was a surprise for me.  I spent too much time hunting, and had close to no luck.
I finally hit up one my regulars, which is a little odd in that I've never seen his face before.  His routine with me is always the same - be face down, ass up on the couch, ready to receive, when he walks in.   He's a short swarthy daddy in his mid 30s, with an average 6 inch cock.  That being said, he gets hard and fucks like a straight divorced man, which I think he is.

He gets in and mounts me swiftly, hammering me from on top.   His technique is good and it's hot to be used as a cum dump like he does.. but the best thing with him is when he cums.  For a short average cocksman, his loads are amazing.   He shoots a HUGE amount - and trust me I know my loads.  I always try to keep all the cum I take inside me, but he has never failed to fill me to the point of overflowing.  I try my best today to take every drop - to open up my pussy and let his daddy seed flow into me, but its just not possible.

He leaves me, face down on the couch, my butt slathered in seed.

I'm up after he leaves, and log onto bbrt.  A bull pig daddy in his 60's has been trying to meet me for weeks now, but we've never been able to click.  I invite him over and voila, 15 minutes later he's here.  He's not that much to look at - short, squat, 6 inch cut dick.. but he's here and willing and I hadn't told him about the first dad's load.  He breds me hard with the first dad's load dripping out of me.  We exchange a lot of dirty verbal about the first dad and him knocking me up and whatnot.  The thrill of the first meeting sends him over the edge, and he stays hard and cums twice in short succession.  He wanted to leave, but I showed d him my hard dick and he was on his knees.  I made him eat the loads of my creampie, then shoved my exploding prick down his throat.

Friday - A disappointment.  Spent a lot of time wooing a hot muscle daddy off CL, go over to his place, smoke some weed, suck his cock... and then his BF texts and he gets super guilty and nervous and asks me to leave.  Sigh.  At least I got to indulge in some half decent 420.

Saturday - Woke up feeling really annoyed at Friday's night failure, so I attempted to ameliorate the situation.

First I am hit up by a regular daddy of mine, who has had a new job and we've been on incompatible schedules.  I promise to let him inside me, because what kind of boy would I be without him.    But I make plans off craigslist to collect a load immediately afterwards...

The first load goes off without a hitch - bear daddy is short, muscular and hairy, and I normally would love guys like him but his dick is, well, on the smallish side.  He treats me well and eats me out and shoots a huge wad up my hole.  I promise to be by when I can, and hurry off to my next appointment.

The second load is a sort of strange - guy in his mid 30's, cluttered apartment, the strange vibe of someone not in the best place in his life.  He's tall but a bit doughy around the middle, but his dick.. damn if it wasn't 8 inches of pure white goodness.   After a little bit of foreplay he doesn't last long up my hole.. I'm riding him missionary with the first daddy's load dripping out of me, and he shoots big time.  He's apologetic, wanted to last longer, and already planning a repeat.  I nod, and get on my way.

On my way home, I receive a text from the ex-bf of a kid I was fucking a few years back - a early 30's muscle bear top dom guy.  Honestly, while he's hot and shit, he's a real jerk, but he wants to fuck, and here I am with two loads dripping out of me.  I don't tell him that, but go right over.  He's in bed, smoking and poppered up, watching porn and edging with his 7 inch veiny cock.  I'm on it within minutes, and tell him about the loads in me.. and he doesn't last.  He shoots a huge one up me.  I get off of him with a plop and dear goddess, there is pool of cum all over his cock and balls.  I go down and like a good boy and lap it all up.

 So yeah, that was week 3.  Six loads, so 20 loads total for 2013. Not bad, huh?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Week 2

I'm going to try to keep going with this.

Wednesday afternoon - a repeat with pig master daddy.  Very intense and very deep, and I got him off twice with my hole, amongst other things.  He's rougher and much more dominant than what I tend to enjoy, but I've appreciated him expanding my horizons.  Someday I'll have to blog more about him, but he's still a little edgier than I am totally comfortable with.

Wednesday evening - After washing up after the gym I found myself able to host.  An anonymous cock shot requesting a bottom appeared and craiglist, and I was able to oblige.  He was far hotter than I imagined - I suspect normally out of my league, but slumming it with some exotic piece of hole.  Early 40's, gym body silver haired muscle daddy with a wonderful 8 inch hard white cock.  After gagging on it for the preqrequisite length of time, it was time for the main course.  Lots of lube and spit - this daddy liked it wet and juicy.  No rimming but plenty of spit on my hole to get me going.  The breeding scene was wonderful - both of us with t-shirts and socks on, me in my jockstrap, his raw white cock pistoning in and out of my hole as he did me missionary style on my yoga mat.  Oh and we were passing his popper bottle back and forth.

When he came he said "Here you are boy, giving you what you wanted."  I smiled, looked into his blue eyes, and repeated my mantra ("breed me daddy") and extracted a huge wad of pent of man energy from him.  Pretty sure it was a one time thing, but glad that it happened.

Monday:  A quick nooner with one of my regular business daddies, and later in the day a long session with pig master daddy.  One load from the first, delivered doggy and quick.  Three slow loads milked out from master, with great skill and care.  The second was particularly great - he stuck a vibrating egg up my hole as he fucked me, trying to mimic what double penetration might feel like.  It made my hole quake and gasm and he shot one of the largest loads I've ever felt with him.

And that's it.. a fairly slow week.  7 more loads, most of which came from old reliable pig daddy.  14 bred into the cunt for 2013.  Not bad yet.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Week 1 - A review.

So one of my many resolutions for 2013 is to update this blog at least once a week.
I figured I'd start slowly, with just a cataloguing of loads.

So here goes:
  • 2012 ended on a sour note.. I tried getting some cream on New Year's Eve, and was pretty much utterly stymied.   The first few days of the New Year were there taken up by a nasty cold. 
  • Finally I felt a bit better, so on Wednesday I took myself to the gloryholes.  It was a strange time.  I took 2 loads in each end, and sucked a lot of cock.  The highlight was this compact latino daddy with 8 uncut who loved my hole and bred me and kept on going.  
  • Friday I took on two married guys, in quick succession, during their lunch break.  Both of them creamed in my boy hole.  The second was particularly hot as he was fresh meat - thick, uncut, Latino, spoke English poorly.  He asked nicely if he could cum inside me, and I remembered enough Spanish to say "Si papi chulo".   I didn't explain to him that I had a fresh load in me when he entered, but its presence insured he didn't last very long.
  • Monday was kind of epic.   In the course of a three hours, I serviced three of my regulars.
    •  I milked one of my regular daddies, who had been backed up over a week by a work schedule of doom.  He took some vids of him inseminating me, which came out quite well.  
    • Shortly after, one of my long time daddies came over, with his 9 inch pierced cock of delight.  He is a felcher, and was super turned on to discover that I had a fresh creampie for him to delight in.  He usually takes ages to cum, but the combination of my freshly bred hole and my eagerness got him to inseminate me in record time.  Afterwards he stayed joined for nearly an hour as I sniffed poppers and confessed all of my exploits to him.  He commented that I'm the only boys he's been with that he can be a total pig with at one moment, but then switch gears into a spiritual mentoring mode without it seeming abrupt.
    • Finally, a local pig daddy called and wanted me over.  I didn't tell him about the other two dads until I got there, but I could see his eyes light up when he did.  We smoked up and sniffed poppers, and got to business.  He used and abused me fairly hard, but gave me the third load of the day in short order.
    • In the shower at home I sampled all the cum in me.  I swear it was nearly a cup full of perfect man cream, churned and combined my cunt into something otherworldly.  I, of course, ate some and didn't let it go waste.
So yeah, that's 2013 so far - 7 loads up my hole, a few down my throat (they barely register in my accounting), and more to cum.

Happy New Years to one and all.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day present

I had to work over the holiday, which was pretty annoying, and it seriously cut down on my time to get seed.  I finally had a day off, and things seemed pretty stable at work, so I thought about putting my ad up on CL and seeing what bit.

About an hour later, and not a peep of interest.  I'm thinking of taking it down and going off to be a productive citizen when the doorbell rings unexpectedly.   I hurry to rush and put some clothes on, thinking it might be a delivery guy or some evangelists that I must politely shoo away, when I open the door.

He's late 40's hairy, italian, balding, jeans and a leather jacket.
"Hi, I came by to your place about a month ago.. was driving by.. mind if I come in?"
I let him in.  I try to excuse myself to go to the bathroom real quick, but he stops me.
"I just want to get my cock sucked, that cool?"
I nod vigorously, and get on my knees.  I open his fly and fish his cock out.. getting it hard in my mouth.
"Mind if I kick back?"
 He drops trou and sits on my couch.  I continue working on his cock.  IT's getting bigger.  6 inches.. 7 inches. 8 inches, slender and cut.  He's covered in nice fur.  I want him in me.  I drop my pants and let him see and play with my butt and hole.
"Fuck, I want to get you in a sling.  Wish I had time."
He's hard.  I'm gagging on his dick, slurping down his precum.  It's time to make my move.
I say the first full sentence since he came in the door.
"Can I ride it daddy?"
He nods, and I slick up my hole with baby oil and like the pro that I am, slide down his rod, taking it balls deep without pausing.  He gasps.  I start working on his cock with my ass muscles, doing the yoga poses and internal contractions needed to milk him.
"That's it baby, tighten up for me.. here it comes."
I take a hit of poppers.  Right nostril then the left.  I get my dick hard to the point of explosion but I don't go over the edge. I feel him thrust and start to spurt.
"Breed me daddy.."
He does, emptying himself in me.  It's a huge load, full of pent up holiday cheer.  I sit joined with him for awhile, doing the requisite milking of the last drops.  I gently disentangle myself afterwards, and clean him up and send him on his way.

It's a pretty typical experience for me these days.. but what has me so boned about it right now.. is that I can't remember any details of when he first bred me.  It's so amazing to get to the point where I am into strangers dumping loads in me.  All the cocks blur into some kind of idealized neo-platonic phallus - bottom boy magic, you might say.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Drought and Rain

It's strange how things go in cycles.

Last week, was a pretty good week.  I did my usual routine, and managed to get 9 loads in my hole and a few up my mouth by the end of it.   I had some pretty intense experiences with some daddy tag teams that I'll probably have to write about when the mood strikes me.

But then, after the weekend - a total and complete drought.  No one was biting.  Nothing was happening.  I had someone arrive and then see me and walk out.  It's disappointing when that happens - I know I'm not a bad looking guy, but I'm definitely not typically cute so it wasn't out of the blue.  After a really bad hook up with a way too panicky versatile bear dude, I was ready to throw in the towel.

I had the morning off today so I figured I might try and see if my luck changed.  And at first, the same usual BS as before - a lot of tweakers who have no concept of time or respect for others, lots of guys interested but too far for a quick hookup.

And then it finally happened.  Two tops hit me up at the same time.   One a repeat off craiglists - early 40s bi  "str8" italian top with 7.5 who loves to breed in hole.  Very hands off, just super into raw ass on his meat, and making a bottom boy beg.  He kept asking about group scenes, and I told him I would try.  He said he wanted me ready in 30, and I said yes.

The second was a late 50s daddy bear off bbrt.  He has the honor of being the first man to take my "sling cherry" - he's into the scene and he and his husband used me in their basement dungeon a few years back.  I was too nervous and too unsure of myself at that point, and I sort of competed for attention with his cubbish husbear, so I wasn't invited back.  Daddybear kept in touch with me though, and today he happened to be around with a weeks worth of cum stored in his 8 inch PA'd tattoed cock.  He suprised me by saying he was free and could be over in 30 minutes.

The italian arrived early and came pretty damn fast up my hole.  I tried to keep him entertained until daddybear arrived, but he was in a hurry.  Daddybear walked in on him grunting his "straight" load up my hole, and watched me clean his cock as he got dressed.

Daddybear was a little surprised by the guest (and I was bad in not explaining things to him in advance..) but he forgave me as I gave him head and let him plow my creamy hole with his huge thick PA'd fatherly cock.  I got him off suprisingly quick - he kept commenting on how tight and pristine my hole felt on his fat prick, despite him watching another man unload in me just minutes before.

I told him salacious details of the italians using of me, and it worked.  The magic words were uttered.   He erupted fountains of cum up my hole, and then held me and made me jack off me cock while he was hard and buried in me.  I didn't need any encouragement - my load, held in check for days for a good bottom boy who never showed, spilled over the floor.   As daddy watched, I licked all the cum off the floor, off his softening dick, off his hard metal PA.  He made me eat his ass and lick his feet, and I thanked him.  He wanted to stay longer and put more seed in me.. but he had places to be and so did I.

And that was it.  I guess I might keep trying to get more loads today.. but it's hard to beat what just happened.  I guess I should thank the cosmos for pulling through.